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Printing engines nowadays already modren and practical. Can even print remotely by utilizing wireless facilities, as well as certain types of Brother printers. and modrennya advanced print technology can not be separated from its predecessor printer tools that appear in early generations. On the occasion of this week we will present a little history and the inventor of the printing press first.

Inventor of Printing Machinery is the first time Johannes Gensfleisch zur Laden zum Gutenberg (around 1398 – February 3, 1468) is a clever metal and the creator of a German national who gained fame thanks to his contribution to the printing technology in the 1450s, including alloy metal letters (type metal) and the oil-based ink, print to print letters appropriately, and similar new printing machine based on printer used in making wine.
Tradition named him as a creator of movable type in Europe, an improvement in printing system blocks that have been used in the region. By combining these elements in a production system, it allows the rapid printing of written material, as well as the information explosion in Renaissance Europe.
Gutenberg came from a noble family and received his initial training as a goldsmith. In 1428, due to the politics, he moved to Strasbourg and lived there for 20 years.

His full name is Johannes Gutenberg Gensfleisch. He was born in Mainz, Germany in 1397. He came out of a noble family and received his initial training as a goldsmith. In 1428, due to the politics, he moved to the city of Strasbourg and lived there for 20 years. In Strasbourg, he menyarai his life by making the metal goodies. Gutenberg produces small ornaments to be sold to the traveler in the mirror of Religious Kristian. He later returned to Mainz and worked as a goldsmith.
Idea paramount Gutenberg sparked when he was working as a goldsmith in Mainz. He got a piece of mind to produce a letter of forgiveness to form a cop letter to print a letter of forgiveness to many that he might get a lot of money to pay its debts when he worked as a first metal. At that time the books and letters were written with gothic script written by hand and contains a lot of errors when copying and slow
Thus, Gutenbert started making reference letters by using lead metal to form a gothic script letters. At the outset Gutenberg was forced to produce nearly 300 fonts to replicate the form of handwriting in a row. After that they Gutenberg printing machine that moves to print. Moving printing machine is the largest contribution of Gutenberg. After perfecting printing machine movement, first Gutenberg printing a thousand pardons were misused by the Catholic Church to earn money. Misuse of this is the emergence of stem cantankerous than sesetengah parties such as Martin Luther.
In 1452, Gutenberg borrowing money from Johann Fust to start printing project biblenya famous. However Gutenberg has been fired rather than attenuate printing Bibal it before it is put up entirely attributable Gutenberg printing accused of pardons, calendar and light reading books as a sideline activity. However terhasil Bible is still known as the Gutenberg Bible which contains 42 lines of each advance was prepared on 15 August 1456 and is regarded as the oldest printed books in the western world.
Head: serves to regulate the discharge of ink.
Cartrdige: serves as the storage container of ink that will flow to the head.
In this case, Canon and HP printers often combine both the head and cartridge into one piece. While Epson is often split between head and Cartridge.

How it Works Head Catridge:
When the printer was ordered to ngeprint, it will be processed by the board last board printer and the printer will send a command to the head to do the printing. Head will set the heating filament abyssal to set the ink which should be issued for a drawing / writing.

So the way it works is by heating the ink so that the ink becomes liquid and easy to spray out via the very small hole (nozzle). Excessive heating will make the cartridge heat up quickly, so in this case the printer ink acts as a coolant as well.

So, this ink function as if dikendaraan motor oil and is very important, so do not let the cartridge is left empty for too long.

Heating supererogatory head is caused by:
Ngeprint in large quantities and there is no pause / break;
Consumables and printer ink is still used for ngeprint,

That’s why Canon or HP color catrdige often really damaged,because: Its color is rarely used, so that the nozzle clogged because the ink is dry, and the result would be overheating due to no cooling is ink, because the ink color runs macet.Tinta and not in the content, there will be an overheating of the head and consequently chip in will head terbakar.Tips For Printer Cartridge Durable and Long Lasting: Do ngeprint in large quantities directly, but love breaks every 10 sheets, kira2x 2-5 minutes, especially if ngeprint quality photos, love break more banyak.Jangan let the ink runs out too long, preferably before they run out of ink filled dulu.Jangan silence printer (not used ngeprint) over 5 -7 days. So every week should be at least once distinguished ngeprint black and color (use to ngeprint photos) Do not often mutually brand ink, karen dilution each different ink brands and is very influential on the head printer.Untuk Infusion printer, make sure the ink flowing smoothly leading to the cartridge, do not get too full content of the ink tersumbat.Jangan because it will cause the ink does not come out even head will leak due to the pressure that is too heavy on the ink, if this happens then suck the ink cartridges to refill kits available.

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