Hopefully today we were always given the health, as well as our printer, may also healthy and smooth to help all of our daily activities. On occasion we will present a simple tutorial, how easily fill or refill printer ink.
Before we give the steps refill ink, there are some things we need to know, that the type of printer cartridges and location of the holes to be injected / refill. For example, we provide an overview of Canon printer cartridges: Black: PG 40 and PG 810 | Color: CL-41 AND CL-811.

Figure 1. Canon Black and Color Cartridges
The following steps printer ink refill:
The first step is to make sure you buy a refill and one brand that fits with your canon printer type.
Use standard equipment to undertake this work as: small drill, syringes and rubber gloves and wipes

Figure 2. The drill small

Figure 3. The syringe

Figure 4. wipes

Figure 5 Glove

Remove and take the cartridge out of the printer, for how loose can see the user guide or the CD is in your printer box.
Suppose there had never been an injection cartridge or refill (still original), then use a nail / small drill commonly used, but there is usually a congenital ink needle was indeed specifically provide for piercing the cartridge which is new or has not been refilled,
Then open the sticker on the top Cartridge, now a small hole we dilate slightly with nails / drill kecil.Kami suggest using a small drill to make it easier
Keep in mind when perforate the cartridge is not too wide, the origin of incoming injection needle that is enough.
Figure 6 Hole Refill
Now, if a hole is made, starting injectkan or inject the dilubang, if I can use tisue smooth when holding the Head or where the discharge of ink at the bottom Catridge. NB: 1) Keep in mind! Do not touch the connector Cartridge (chip) with our hands directly, because it will usually appear error. 2) When inserting the syringe into the cartridge janghan not too deep and too short.
The amount of ink that is put not too much, approx 2 s / d 3 milli only. Because if too much later would leak on the bottom of the cartridge.
If you’ve finished, do not forget to immediately return it to the printer, then if a message appears on your computer, press ok only.
Do not forget maintenance printermu with the existing menu, tank container cleaning done if there are tanks full message on your PC only.
As a side note also that the ink that filled syringe will be longer than the model awetnya infusion, along the way we are right refills.


Very often we encounter Infusion Canon printer that has the problem of air trapped in the IV tube. Of course this will not result in the smooth flow of ink from the cartridge to the infusion tube. and consequently the print becomes imperfect, eg printout dotted, ribbed, there is a color that does not come out, and so forth.
Why Air can enter the IV tube Canon?

Canon infusion of air in the hose caused by the gaps between the cartridge and rubber infusion holes where the IV line into the cartridge. Or better put, connection hoses and cartridge “loose”. This vulnerability occurs because the cartridge slot is not in accordance with the rubber, because at the moment only perforate the cartridge with solder / drill bits that do not fit with the diameter rubber and knee infusion. As a result, the air will eventually get into the IV tube.

Figure 1. Kneel & Rubber Cartridge
Figure 2. The Air Intake

Equipment To Overcome Air Hoses Infusion In Canon:

1. Glue UHU

Figure 3. Glue UHU
2. Vacuum Cartridges Canon Toolkit

Figure 4. Vacuum Ink Cartridge

How to Cope with Indoor Air Hoses Infusion Canon:
Prepare Glue UHU (do not use glue ALTECO, can damage the plastic)
Take the cartridge and do not remove the hose IV.
Glue the edges of a hose entry hole cartridge, try not to air could enter.
Allow the glue to dry first.
Open Close breathing tube Infusion
Prepare Toolkit Vacuum CartridgeCanon, then Replace Cartridge into the Toolkit.
Attach the syringe / injections without a needle to the rubber hole on the bottom Toolkit Vacuum Catrid.
Then suck the ink up in the air hose was missing.
Printer is Ready.
Figure 5. Pasting to UHU Glue Cartridges

Figure 6. Channel Infusion After Completion

Figure 7. Position Vacuum Ink

Figure 8. Start Using Vacuum Ink

Figure 9. Ink After aspirated

Figure 10. After the ink is suctioned

Suggestions order to avoid problems in the air enters the hose Infusion:
Use a drill infusion of appropriate diameter rubber hose L infusion Infusion place. This drill has a diameter of 3.6mm.

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